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  • Patti Skelton, CPS, Recovery Coach

Trying new things—Why new experiences are so important to have

Hi there. I wish to begin by saying that I love my comfort zone. It is nice and safe. I make all of the rules in my comfort zone. With all of the boundaries I have set and the knowledge that it is fine to have my collection of idiosyncrasies, my world is practically impervious! I have my routine and rituals from which I will not stray! My comfort zone: I just love it here so much. Quietude. Safety. Predictability. Then something happened. I met that special someone and found myself engaged to be married. This was one of my long-term goals!

In closing I would like to share that trying some new things never really gave me a bad experience. It gave me the chance to see and enjoy many new places, people and experiences. Small steps first? Go ahead!! Give something new a try.

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