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  • Heidi Garner, Executive Director, MSCIN

The Magic of Routines

Aristotle had it right, we are what we repeatedly do. As fall beckons, our schedules become more routine, and habits are established.

At the Gathering Place, we are getting into the Fall routine having workshops throughout September and October going into November. These events address a dimension of wellness for the well-being of our members. For example, The UW-Extension delivers FOODWISE presentations that deal with the physical dimensions by dealing with nutrition for everyday life, especially those on a budget. RENT SMART presented by Catholic Charities, deals with the financial and social dimensions, as we explore everything that comes with renting and how to be a better renter.

I make decisions based on the 8 Dimensions of wellness as defined by SAMHSA. You will find more information about the 8 Dimensions in this newsletter.

What does this have to do with routines? When we establish healthy routines, we address all 8 dimensions of wellness. For me, what this looks like is having a list of priorities that I have to accomplish every day. That means I need to be ready and willing to work at the Gathering Place, and for those following my health journey, that also includes exercising every day, it doesn’t happen at the same time every day, but it happens.

Finally, I make dinner and relax, focusing on the positives of the day. My best thoughts about my vision and leadership come when I can focus and reflect on my practices. I get ready for bed and then go to sleep. So, you see, a routine doesn’t have to be complicated or lengthy. It is about aligning your priorities in life. By doing that, you are well on your way to wellness.

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