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A Peer Recovery Center for adults who live with a mental health condition or a mental health condition with an addiction operated by peers. We understand!

8 reasons to build a daily routine


Having a daily structure gives you more freedom in every aspect of your life. You'll become more mindful of each obligation and determine if it is really worth your time. 

Work on creating a daily routine and work on your mental health recovery at the same time!

Having a daily routine will be the theme of the Fall edition of our newsletter Gathered News. 

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The Gathering Place is staffed and managed 100% by people who have lived experience of mental illness or mental illness and substance use, and are in recovery. Who better to promote recovery than someone who has already walked the journey? We call each other "peers."

We welcome  you to attend one of The Gathering Place's empowering support groups, wellness programs and activities! We offer support groups facilitated by one of our Certified Peer Specialists or Recovery Coaches. Learn and grow by participating in a wellness program or mindful activity. By engaging in The Gathering Place's recovery-oriented programs you will begin to experience the concept of empowerment which is the feeling of "I got this!"


The Gathering Place

1001 Cherry St.

Green Bay, WI 54301


Mailing address:

The Gathering Place

PO Box 1053

Green Bay, WI 54305-1053

Phone: 920-430-9187

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