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  • Heidi Garner, Executive Director, MSCIN

Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that’s the one that is going to help you.”

—Caroline Myss

This month’s newsletter is about making the choice to step outside your comfort zone. As the new Executive Director, I have learned over these last 3 months that the key to growing is getting out of my comfort zone. I like this quote because it makes you stand up and listen to what it says. Choosing what scares you is not always the best way to grow. Or maybe it is.

I currently struggle with my weight. I hired a personal trainer. I chose to eat healthy. I took up walking. Still, I am not anywhere near what I want to be at. One decision I made in the past was to go to the YMCA twice a week to the group exercise classes that they had. Not only did I grow in strength, but I also became a part of a community. So, the logical choice would be to go to the Y and attend group exercise classes again.

But, I haven’t! I am scared. It has been a long time since I went to the Y for classes. It isn’t the same Y I went to before. I don’t know the instructors, and going will mean extra time away from home. I am afraid that this will lead to failure, something that I don’t want to experience. I should do it. It scares me, but it could be the key I am missing in my weight loss journey. I am planning on starting next Monday, can you keep me accountable? I am really scared I won’t, BUT it is the one thing that is going to help me!

How does this apply to mental health?? Well, the same could be said for those on their recovery journey. Maybe they have heard of the Gathering Place, maybe they know where it is. Or what about the Farmer’s Market?? What about the Bellin Run/Walk (5k and 10k)? What about getting out and enjoying the few months of summer we have. Is there a trip that you could take, but you are too scared to do it? For many, taking that first step to the Gathering Place, and to a greater extent, the Green Bay community, is scary.

The Gathering Place has changed over the 27 years it has been in operation. Maybe you went in the past, and it is different now, or who are the Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) and Recovery coaches there?

Facing your fear means taking that first step to be open to what could happen. You could gain strength and become a part of a community. As we journey together, let’s do that first scary step and help each other.

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